Very Important PLEASE READ

Tony Lewis

I have attached an audio file to this email of interference to the Davidson County Fire Dispatch frequency. Someone somewhere within range of the dispatch channel has a radio on vox and their barking dog keeps keying up Fire Dispatch, sometimes for extended periods of time which is causing great difficulty with dispatching fire crews to emergency situations. This has at times interfered with personnel on the scene from communicating back to the 911 dispatch center.

A male voice has been heard telling “Bandit” to shut up.

Davidson County Fire is monitored on 154.160 MHz.

The FCC was contacted about three weeks ago and a field agent is working on tracking down the culprit.

Now, by no means am I saying this is a ham operator causing this problem HOWEVER it is very possible with the influx of Baofeng radios sold with unrestricted frequency programming. The radio in question has a “roger beep” at the end of each key up.

Please, if you use any radio capable of transmitting to monitor the fire department MAKE SURE VOX IS OFF. Program it to inhibit transmission on out of band frequencies. If you know a ham with a dog named Bandit please reach out to them about this issue. Since this has been on the news and local papers and the problem continues I would bet your socks an example will be made out of the person responsible, accidental or not.

Again, this could be anyone and I’m NOT saying it’s a ham.....I would hate for the bad publicity though if it is!

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