RadioShack News


Last Thursday we held the first of three sequential Technician Class license sessions. 
In attendance were students Stacy, 

Mark, Sean,  Peter, and  Adam. 

Their enthusiasm was infectious.  

Class resumes this Thursday.

Bill KK4ZIU, and I are expecting all 5 students to test and pass, in November. 

The second floor radio room  will be available to those who would like to work 40 meter SSB, CW or FT8.  Come play radio and hang out at the shack.  Send me a text message before 6p on Thursday, if you can make it.  I’ll get the radio warmed up and give you a primer on a few special knobs, and switches. 

Our air cannon antenna launcher project is on temporary hold......but all parts are in stock and ready for assembly. Very cool.



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